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Better Pharmacy Operations with IVR

Interactive voice response systems or IVR systems as they are called, are very practical to help your pharmacy deal with patients calling in all of the time. When your phone is constantly ringing off the hook, it is hard to keep up with the real work at hand.

Most pharmacies are very busy. Yours should be no exception unless you are running a smaller operation. With that in mind, you will want to get a good pharmacy ivr system in order to handle the incoming call volume.

Many of the calls you are going to get will just be for refills anyway. With the system in place, you can get everything called in just fine without answering the phone. In fact, it is possible to have the system link right up to your computer system so the refills will show up for you without having to speak to anyone.

Consider this for your pharmacy because it will enhance operations and keep your employees focused on what they need to be doing. That way, you can continue with normal duties and operations for what you need to do.

Naturally, you will want to leave options for people to speak with an associate or the pharmacists. Then you are not totally removing the human element and that is very important to consider. People will be put off if there are too many options on the system and it is hard to reach a live person.

pharmacy ivr system

When patients are calling in for information or advice, you need to be able to speak to them. Then you should make sure that there is a clear and early option for patients to bail out of the system unless they are calling in for hours or refills or to see if their refills are ready for pick up.